Thursday, March 12


Shoppers is selling 5 boxes of 2009 matzah for $2. This is unbelievable!! Even if you're not Jewish you should get some because it's such a great deal! Okay- don't. But if anyone is reading this and is unemployed, you should buy them all and sell them for $5 each near GW.

Tuesday, March 10

Free Kashi Meal

The seven whole grains on a mission want you to try a free meal on them! Just fill out this link and your coupon will be sent to you! Bon appetite!

Wednesday, March 4

Almost Free Candy!!

CVS has valentine's candy on sale at 90% off. This means you can get pez dispensers with three refills for $.15. You can get hollow chocolate dogs for $.30. The list goes on but please don't miss this amazing chance to rot your teeth!

Sunday, March 1

More Grocery Sales

Greetings all,

Shoppers has decided to extend its coupon deal another week! Visit them to double your $1 coupons and to triple your coupons $.50 or less.

Safeway also has amazing deals right now- with a $10 off $50 purchase coupon in their circular as well as discounts like $.97 eggs and free soda.

Go forth!!