Tuesday, March 23


Has arrived!!!!!! Thank you Ben. Thank you Jerry. Let us us celebrate everything that is good at Ben and Jerry's. Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 20

FREE Rita's Ice today

Finally the first day of spring has arrived! Just in time for tomorrow's immigration march on the national mall!

Anyway, today you can enjoy free rita's ice from 12-10 PM in honor of Spring!!

Enjoy and click here to find the nearest Rita's location to you. There are several in DC!

Wednesday, March 17

Passover Purchases!

Passover is coming very soon and now is the time to buy matzah. Matzah is so cheap you almost wonder how it's possible to get it so low.

Anyway we made the mistake of buying 5 boxes for $2.99 yesterday from Giant- HUGE mistake.

Today I learned that Shoppers is selling 5 boxes for $1.99 AND you get a free bottle of kedem grape juice with your purchase!! Can you imagine a better deal? I mean this deal is so good you should get it even if you're not Jewish.

It is limit of 2 so you can't buy 100 to sell in front of the Foggy Bottom metro, but that would be a great way to easily double your money if you're willing to stand in each line several times.

Shoppers is DOUBLING $1 coupons!!

I can hardly contain my excitement. This has not happened in possibly 6 months and will only happen a few times a year so I implore you to take advantage.

From Thursday, March 18 through Sunday, March 21 Shoppers is doubling manufacturers' coupons up to $1.00 (this means all of your $1 coupons become $2) and $50 cent coupons will be tripled (so $.50 coupons will get you $1.50 off). This is an incredible thing that can result in many free products.

If you have been filing away your coupon booklets all year, get them out and rip out all of the $1 coupons to bring with you and to see which are really great deals. Buy things that you can use, that are on sale, and that you have coupons for.

Thursday, March 11

Need Deodorant?

There's a new website sponsored by Unilever that offers $1.25 coupons off of 6 deodorants for men and women. Get coupons for Degree, Suave and Dove products by clicking here.

Before you buy wait for a CVS sale so you can really get your deodorants at the right price. The coupons do not expire until April 10th so there is some time to wait it out.

Wednesday, March 3

See Food Inc for free tonight!

On Wednesday, March 3 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM enjoy a free film screening of “Food Inc.” at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Note: The National Archives will also host free screenings of the 82nd Academy Award nominees. No RSVP required, for more information visit: www.archives.gov.

Credit Cards

I've posted before about signing up for an annual American Airlines rewards card to get 30,000 miles for free, and then cancelling before you're charged the first annual fee. I've done this a few years in a row and it paid for a trip to Buenos Aires.

Anyway my husband does this as well and tonight he called to cancel his card. They told him if he would keep the card for another night he would give him 3,000 miles.

His first free year doesn't even expire until June so we told them we accept the additional 3,000 miles. I'm kind of offended that when I cancelled my card a few months ago they didn't offer me 3,000! Anyway hopefully others can benefit from this advice and lobby their credit card companies to give them free things as well!

Tuesday, March 2

march 23: FREE CONE DAY

Mark your calendars for Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day on March 23!!
I'll remind people when the day comes but be sure to get this on your calendars now so you don't over book your calendar that day.