Thursday, March 24

Free eyebrow waxing

Ultas offer free eyebrow waxing on your birthday, and possibly during your birthday week! They also have free returns if you have half of the product left.

Saturday, March 12


So last summer we got into a fight with comcast and shawn cancelled our services, both internet and cable. It's honestly been great with us getting free over the air television.  As for internet, the building next to ours offers their residents wifi for $20 a month. shawn devised a system for us to pick up their signal via our cantena and then he has a router redirect the signal to all of our computers. This worked fine and the $20 a month was less than the $30 with comcast.  we thought we were brilliant until our upgrade today.

We paid $10 each for the andeoid tether service which let's us use our android verizon internet on our computers. So for a one time $20 total cost we can get free internet now! Of course we are paying for the unlimited internet on our phones but why pay twice for internet when you can pay just once!