Thursday, April 30

Open Embassies this Weekend!

This Saturday from 10-4, 30 embassies will open their doors to visitors with free performances, food samples, and more. I went last year and there is a free shuttle that takes you from embassy to embassy provided by Cultural Tourism DC. You can pick up the shuttle and a map of participating embassies on Saturday at 1900 Mass Ave.

This is also a great time to learn about what free events the embassies offer throughout the year (ie free tango lessons at the Argentine Embassy!).

Wednesday, April 29

$.31 per scoop at Baskin Robbins!

Today is Baskin Robbin's 31 cent scoop night! This is happening from 5 -10 PM. Not as good as Ben and Jerry but still not a bad deal!

Saturday, April 25

New Coupon Source

I recently learned about CVS's new magazine called Reinventing Beauty. This magazine is on sale near the pharmacy section of my CVS and costs .99. I wouldn't normally pay this amount, however, it turns out they are stocked with coupons!

I ended up using a $1.50 off softsoap moisturizer coupon from the magazine and since the softsoap was pay $4.99 get $4.99 in bonus bucks, I basically got the magazine for free and made $.50 in overage from this deal. Plus now I have all the other coupons.

Tuesday, April 21

33.3% off at Bed Bath and Beyond

So many exciting frugal activity this fine April day.

So you all should know about the 20% off BBB coupons that come out periodically and never expire.

Well today BBB mailed out $10 off a $30 purchase in their catalog. This means you can get 33.3% off instead of 20% off. My advice is that you travel to a local apartment building and rip out all these coupons from the recycle bin. If you want to spend $90 on a wedding gift in the future you can buy 3 $30 items and only spend $60! Since these never expire, today we should all stock up on these items!


Hi everyone,

It's Tuesday, April 21 and that means today is FREE CONE DAY at Ben and Jerrys. Free scoops will be given out between 12 and 8.


Sunday, April 19

Priceline Negotiator!

So my good friend Lina is getting married in Connecticut this May. She secured discounted rates at a local Marriott for $99 a night. I was about to pay this price when I remembered my in-laws telling me how fabulous Priceline Negotiator is. I have never used it before but decided to take a risk.

When you go on Priceline and look up the hotel, it gives you a price of $179 a night. However, then I clicked the negotiation feature and told them I wanted to stay at a 3 star hotel in the area of the wedding. They told me the average price for a three star hotel in that area was $165 so I told them I was willing to pay $52.

You have to commit to whatever hotel they give you since you put your credit card number in at this point.

Anyway I clicked on negotiate and the hotel where all the wedding guests are staying came up and they accepted by $52 offer!

I had just saved around $50 thanks to Priceline (and my inlaws)!