Monday, February 22

G-40: 500 Artists together in Crystal City in March!

Art Whino teams up with Crystal City BID and Vornado to present G-40: The Summit, a month long exhibition and event series featuring over 500 artists from around the world.

The mission of G40: The Summit is to bring the leaders of the New Brow genre together in Crystal City, VA in an effort to explore, discuss and grow this movement. G-40: The Summit will be a culmination of ideas and processes, brought together and highlighted by region and style, creating, for the first time, a full cross examination of this genre.

This event will feature 75,000sqft of exhibition space with 4 floors of art! Each floor will represent different hot hubs of the New Brow movement: The DC, New York, and California metro areas, plus one all encompassing floor for international and other regional artists. Visitors of G-40: The Summit will, for the first time, be able to experience entire floors showcasing artists from these regions, and because of this set up, connect the dots of how the different sub-cultures and environs affect the art. From the laid back California Style, to the fast paced New York way of living, the art will bring a fresh visual perspective that words cannot provide. With all the different styles in one place the New Brow movement, now growing and expanding worldwide, will be more comprehensible to the viewer, finally defining the line between the movement’s beginnings to its future. A movement that currently exists without much literature or founding in “traditional” institutions, yet includes some of the most highly recognizable and sought after art in the world, will inevitably become a major player in the intellectual and mainstream art world.

Each floor will have 10-30 “Showcased artists” who will activate the space with murals and installations, helping to set the mood for their region. In addition to the showcased artists we will have an additional 50-100 region specific artists exhibited on each floor. The show will run up for a month. During the month there will be musical and visual performances, lectures, and more. Also we will feature various art related groups and non-profits, helping to promote their mission and inspire ongoing conversations about the New Brow art world in DC and beyond.


1 – Show information / performance area / Non Profit display / mixed use
5 – New York metro area artists
6 – Washington DC metro area artists
7 – California artists
8 – All Encompassing

Event Schedule:

Show Month: March 2010
Open Hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays: 5 – 10pm,
Fridays & Saturdays: 12pm – 12am
Sundays: 12pm – 6pm
Mondays & Tuesdays: Closed

Event Locations

223 23rd St. Arlington, VA 22202

Metro Accessible and pleny of parking
For more info go to:

Saturday, February 20

Great Grocery Deals this Weekend!

Safeway is selling 1 lb containers of strawberries for $1.99. Remember to ask for a rain check in they're out. The rain checks are good for 90 days.

Giant has Bryers ice cream for $1.99 and stem vine tomatoes as well as white potatoes for $1.77/lb.

Bon apetit!

Friday, February 12

Free DC Short Film Festival on Feb 23 and 25

New Voices, Human Views

Short films celebrating the human experience

February 23 and 25, 7:00 p.m.

WASHINGTON--The DC Shorts Film Festival and the Washington Jewish Film Festival have collaborated to present a collection of short films celebrating the human experience -- all created by top film students from Israel and the United States.

The program will be shown twice: on Tuesday, February 23 at the Washington DCJCC, and Thursday, February 25 at the U.S. Navy Memorial. A discussion focusing on the films and their impact on the humanities will follow the screenings.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Reservations are highly recommended -- we will seat reserved seat holders first. Please visit for reservations, film descriptions and photos.

Tuesday, February 23

7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Screening Room at the Washington DCJCC

1529 Sixteenth Street NW

Washington, DC 20036

Thursday, February 25

7:00pm - 9:00pm

U.S. Navy Memorial's Burke Theater

701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20004

Tuesday, February 9

The onions have arrived!

Thanks to my wonderful neighbors, I now have two yellow onions. The ten year old who delivered them to my door did not even want to barter- she just wanted me to have her onions. The only thing that could make me happier is another snow day, courtesy of OPM.

Monday, February 8


Sure people barter goods on craigslist and all but I've never had to personally resort to a barter system before...that is until SNOWMAGEDDON 2010.

As you know, onions are the basic ingredient for almost any dish. However we (my husband and I) ran out of onions on Saturday. By Sunday we were out of scallions. Today we finished off our green onions. To be out of onions is a really sad thing. We walked to the Rosslyn Safeway and to our River Place market yesterday but both were completely out of onions. In fact, the Rosslyn Safeway was out of all produce except for wilted kale and rotten brussel sprouts. Shout out to the Former Soviet Union.

Anyway I'm pretty desperate since I can't make proper risotto, beef stew, soup, etc etc etc without onions!

Well I just posted a sign in my apartment to try to barter for onions. I offered Colgate toothpaste in exchange for 3-4 yellow or red onions. Pretty good deal for everyone. I left the toothpaste outside of my door so hopefully I'll wake up and onions will have magically appeared in my hallway!

Wish me luck.

PS you know times are desperate when someone stole the carrot hat off my snowman. I know the produce supply is low and I guess if I came across a snowman with onion eyes I would have taken them too, but it's still kinda sad.

PPS The reason my snowman had a carrot hat was that I was afraid pushing too hard in his nose region would result in his head exploding. The snow texture was not ideal for a snowman on Sunday.

Sunday, February 7


If you wake up congested you may have dust mites in your bed causing your allergies to act up at night. I went to an allergy doctor a few months ago and he suggested I purchase allergy mattress covers and pillow case covers.

I trust costo and went there first to see what they were charging. There it cost $99 for the queen sized mattress cover and two pillow case covers. Before making any purchase I always google the product's name to see if I can find it for less money somewhere else.

It turns out carries the exact same product for $39, plus you can get cash back through

The one I ended up with is the Allergy Comfort Queen 3-piece Allergen Barrier Set. Check it out on here. So far it has made a difference in my morning allergies.

Free pants

If you're watching the 44th Super Bowl, you may have heard that Dockers is giving away thousands of free pants! To enter to win, visit:

Contest ends 2/15/2010.

Be patient. Like the OPM site, Dockers is taking a while to get through to right now.