Sunday, April 19

Priceline Negotiator!

So my good friend Lina is getting married in Connecticut this May. She secured discounted rates at a local Marriott for $99 a night. I was about to pay this price when I remembered my in-laws telling me how fabulous Priceline Negotiator is. I have never used it before but decided to take a risk.

When you go on Priceline and look up the hotel, it gives you a price of $179 a night. However, then I clicked the negotiation feature and told them I wanted to stay at a 3 star hotel in the area of the wedding. They told me the average price for a three star hotel in that area was $165 so I told them I was willing to pay $52.

You have to commit to whatever hotel they give you since you put your credit card number in at this point.

Anyway I clicked on negotiate and the hotel where all the wedding guests are staying came up and they accepted by $52 offer!

I had just saved around $50 thanks to Priceline (and my inlaws)!

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