Monday, June 22

Secret Giving away Diamonds!

I was sent this email by my friend who works for P & G today.

So here is the story, in case you hadn’t heard…. We did this promotion on Secret where we put 10 fake diamonds in Secret Flawless deodorant sticks. If you find one, you win a real diamond worth $15,000! Unfortunately however, the contest ends in 8 days and so far we’ve only had ONE WINNER!

So we are trying to get the word out! Check your Secret Flawless! Tell your friends, family, everyone! Look for Secret Flawless with a diamond sticker on the cap, and check the ones you already have! You or someone you know could be a winner and not even know it! Just go to and enter the SKU to see if you’re a winner. (The SKU is the number just below the bar code.)

And FYI—there’s still plenty that haven’t been sold yet, so you might want to stock up. You’re going to need deodorant anyway, right?

The brand team even put together a little video to get the message out there. Take a look:

Please pass along to family and friends! Update your facebook status, tweet it—anything to help spread the word! After June 30, the contest ends and no one can win, so help us out and get the word out!


- Win a flawless $15,000 Diamond and smell great -

- HURRY, only 8 days left to win a flawless $15,000 Diamond from Secret -

- Wear Secret. Win a Diamond. Check it out -

- Flawless diamonds and 100s of other prizes still left from Secret -

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