Monday, February 8


Sure people barter goods on craigslist and all but I've never had to personally resort to a barter system before...that is until SNOWMAGEDDON 2010.

As you know, onions are the basic ingredient for almost any dish. However we (my husband and I) ran out of onions on Saturday. By Sunday we were out of scallions. Today we finished off our green onions. To be out of onions is a really sad thing. We walked to the Rosslyn Safeway and to our River Place market yesterday but both were completely out of onions. In fact, the Rosslyn Safeway was out of all produce except for wilted kale and rotten brussel sprouts. Shout out to the Former Soviet Union.

Anyway I'm pretty desperate since I can't make proper risotto, beef stew, soup, etc etc etc without onions!

Well I just posted a sign in my apartment to try to barter for onions. I offered Colgate toothpaste in exchange for 3-4 yellow or red onions. Pretty good deal for everyone. I left the toothpaste outside of my door so hopefully I'll wake up and onions will have magically appeared in my hallway!

Wish me luck.

PS you know times are desperate when someone stole the carrot hat off my snowman. I know the produce supply is low and I guess if I came across a snowman with onion eyes I would have taken them too, but it's still kinda sad.

PPS The reason my snowman had a carrot hat was that I was afraid pushing too hard in his nose region would result in his head exploding. The snow texture was not ideal for a snowman on Sunday.

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Gabi said...

hahaha do you have a picture of your snowman?