Sunday, September 26

Review of DC Admission Museums

Since I've now been to 6 DC museums that usually charge fees in the last few weeks, I thought I'd write a review of them here for everyone who may have to pay for these in the future.

This review is written in the order that I went to them.

1. Corcoran. I really enjoyed this museum (normally $10 or $8 with student ID). Two exhibits were closed when I went so there wasn't as much to see as I had expected but what was there was really incredible. I do think it's criminal for them to have control of Samuel Morse's incredible painting of the House of Representatives while they still met in the Statuary Hall. That painting deserves to be in the U.S. Capitol for every American to see without paying. Plus it would help dispel the horribly false rumours about Members of Congress spying on each other due to the acoustics. As you can see in the picture, the room had carpeting and curtains back then, ruining any spying opportunities for John Quincy Adams. Plus, who knew Sam Morse was a painter before he decided to invent Morse Code! If anyone wants to hold a protest in front of the Corcoran with posters that say "FREE MORSE'S STATUARY HALL PAINTING" I am in!

2. Kreeger Museum. The Kreeger Museum, normally $10 or $7 with student ID, is located past Georgetown off of Fox Hall Road. I would not recommend biking there, as I did, because of never ending hill. Anyway Mr. Kreeger and I sadly do not share the same taste in art. I did enjoy seeing his home, and the library with four picassos. Luckily he enjoyed art with a lot of color. Still, I was mostly unmoved by his choice of art.

3. Woodrow Wilson Presidential Museum. This is DC's only presidential museum. It is located on S street and 23rd near Embassy Row. I used to really like Wilson for his League of Nations effort. But it's hard to get over the fact that he was against segregation and women's rights. Anyway, Wilson lived in this house for three years after he left the White House, right up until his death. His funeral was held in this house, as well. When Woodrow lived here he was mostly blind and couldn't use his legs (or arms?) so they had an elevator installed for him. The house was okay...I didn't spend much time here. Some of the house was closed when I went. Admission is usually a whopping $12 so don't forget your student ID ($5).

4. National Geographic - Nat Geo has an incredible gecko exhibit going on now with LIVE gecko species from around the world. Admission is FREE Wednesdays! Other times it will cost you $7, $6 with student ID. I LOVED this exhibit. Seeing and learning about geckos was truly fascinating. If you go, watch the video about scientists developing new adhesives after studying how geckos stick to walls. Their natural adhesive strategy is so good that their feet can hold 2 people!! Go figure. Go GECKOS! (all totally harmless by the way). You have until January 5th to see these fine creatures.

5. Phillips Collection - As I mentioned before, the Phillips is FREE the rest of September due to the fire closing down many of its usual exhibits. The building that was open was wonderful. We loved every moment there. Their Renoirs and Van Goghs were among the best that I've seen. The Monets really great too. For once I loved Rothko. I thought I hated him after visiting his black canvasses at the National Gallery of Modern Art's Tower but his work at the Phillips Collection was honestly stunning. Poor church who hired him to make the black canvasses. GREAT News about Phillips- while they normally charge $10 for adults, Tuesday through Friday they take any donation you want to contribute rather than charging a set admission price!!

6. Newseum - Thank goodness for free museum day because Shawn and I weren't about to pay $40 for entrance here. I could see why they have to charge so much though- there are tons of interactive multimedia exhibits. I'd pay full price perhaps when I have two kids, and it's free kids day. My favorite exhibits were the ones on coverage of Katrina, September 11th, and the gallery of Pulitzer Price winners. I was moved to tears during all three. Well done. Well done.

In the past year I made it into the Crime and Punishment Museum for free too. I thought it was a lot of fun and educational at the same time. I also had the opportunity to go to the Spy Museum for free because my ex-boyfriend paid for our admissions. I loved that too and thought it was a ton of fun.

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