Tuesday, February 8

Valentines Day

My opinion of Valentines Day: it's fun when you're the girl and you're just dating.

But other than that I'm not a huge supporter. That said, Shawn already surprised me with beautiful white sapphire earrings and a necklace, which I love. Generally speaking we tend to cook ourselves a romantic meal at home versus going out on town for one of the v-day "specials."

Flowers, like diamonds, make me really uncomfortable because they're so overpriced. If you really need flowers try costco or the flower guys on the street. Avoid online places that charge $50+ for a bouquet. If you don't take the advice, make sure to find online coupon codes so you get ripped off less.

If you want to go out Monday night, here is my recommendation:

Go to Arlington Draft House for the Princess Bride, comedy, and a wine tasting. All for $8. More info below. The only problemo is that the food at the Draft House is TERRIBLE. Bangkok 54, however, is right next door and has the most amazing spicy duck salad appetizer! Go there first and enjoy the salad and some drunken noodles before making it over for the Princess Bride. Mandy I love you (well in Yentel..)

Valentine's Day - Monday, February 14th at 7:00PM

One of the Best Movies Ever Made "The Princess Bride", Great Stand-Up Comedy and an Optional Wine Night with the Washington Wine Academy - BEST DATE NIGHT EVER!


Join us for one of the classic cult love stories, "The Princess Bride". The evening starts at 6:30PM with a Wine Tasting. The Stand-Up Comedy starts at 7:00PM with "The Princess Bride" starting at 7:45PM.

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Gabi said...

Hey Steph - wanna see something cool? Look at the pic you posted of the Princess Bride....now turn your laptop upside down and look at it (or stand on your head)!