Wednesday, February 4

Buy Generic?

When you're at the grocery store, do not be swayed by the pretty packaging used by brand name companies. Buy the store brand! You'll save a lot of money (and anyway has anyone else mistaken the new Tropicana marketing look for store brand anyway? what were they thinking?).

The exception to this generic rule is when you have coupons that the grocery store will double or triple. Since there are only coupons for brand name items, by taking advantage of doubled coupons, you can often get brand name goods for much less than the generic price, or even for free.

If you are without coupon, do buy whatever is cheapest!

Finally, a word on how to determine what is cheapest: Do not only look and compare prices. Compare prices per ounce. Some stores will calculate the price for ounce for you and list this on the price tag but at other stores you need to whip out your cell phone's calculator to determine the best value yourself.

I am always amazed by people who come up behind me as I'm busy doing my calculations and just grab a product off the shelf and walk away. These people do not even look at the price or spend a few seconds scanning for sales. It is mind boggling and challenging for me not to stop them in their tracks. Please do not be one of those people! Plus if you don't stop and think about how much the item costs, you won't realize when the store overcharges you for the item!! If you have read my previous posts you will see that most grocery stores will give you the item for free if they over or under charge you.

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