Monday, February 9

Dry Clearn Only

I do not go shopping for clothing much but when I do my one rule is not to buy anything that is dry clean only (okay I also have a rule to only buy clothing on clearance). To stop myself from purchasing dry-clean only items, I do not allow myself to even try on the article of clothing, for I will then be tempted.

If you try it on anyway (just to see), remind yourself that what ever it costs is really more than double that price factoring in all your trips to the dry cleaners.

Since my husband and I only go to the dry cleaners twice a year, the dry clean only products I already own only are worn twice a year. Grrr.

All this is not to mention how bad for the environment dry cleaning is! Just buy cotton!

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Sarah said...

Dry cleaning is also extremely hazardous to your health... so many chemicals that you breathe in and are on your skin. I usually wash my dry clean only clothes on delicate and then don't put them in the dryer.