Wednesday, November 25

Amazing CVS Black Friday Deals!

This Thursday through Saturday, CVS is having three days of free products with so much overage you won't know what to do with yourselves! Overage, if you're new to this, means you have a coupon and the item is free (via extra care bucks) so you're coming out a dollar ahead of where you started.

As you know, you need to have a plan of attack before going. This will help you to minimize the amount of money you need to spend and will maximize the amount of products you get at no cost.

Here is my plan of action for tomorrow at 7 AM. As you see I already have $8.99 in bonus bucks for the free contact lens solution so that's a nice starting point which will help me reduce the amount of trips to the check out line. I only need to go to the check out line to exchange bonus bucks for products four times tomorrow.

Careful with self check out when you get things 100% for free because the machine, like the workers, are in disbelief and have trouble processing what just happened.

Please remember to go early tomorrow since many stores only stock a few of the free items. I mean go early unless you live in Rosslyn....

I have $8.99 in extra bucks

First Round

Universal Remote: 6.99, get 6.99

Colgate Acti Flex Manuel Toothbrush: 2.99 (1.99 with coupon), get 2.00

Pay nothing, get 8.99 in extra bucks

Second Round

Bic Soleil Razor $6.99 (4.99 with coupon) get $5

Degree: $4, get $4

Pay nothing, get $9 in extra bucks

Third Round

Shcick Razor $8.99 (7.99 with coupon), get 8.00

Mars Bar $1.59 (plus get one free), get 1.59

Pay.58, get $9.59 in bonus bucks

Fourth Round

St. Ives Body Wash: 3.99 (2.99 with coupon), get $3.00

Vaseline: 7.99 (6.49 with coupon), get 7.99

Hershey’s Bliss Bar .89 (plus get one free), get .89 back.

Pay .78, get 11.88

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