Wednesday, January 6

The cheapest contacts around!

I just learned about the site, which has good online reviews, and is so much cheaper than

I just bought 3 pairs of glasses all with anti-scratch, non-reflective lens, one polycarbonate and two regular, AND 20 boxes of contacts (a 2 1/2 to 3 year supply) for a grand total of $404 including shipping and insurance. I can send the glasses back for free if I don't like how they look but they have this great online software where you upload your picture and test the glasses on yourself. I got a $60 discount using the code EBATESNEWYEAR. Good through the end of January.

But that's not all. Because I went to the site through, I am getting 7 percent cash back mailed to me; and because I bought them on my AmEx I will get an additional 1.5 percent unless this counts as a prescription in which case it's an extra 5 percent cash back.

If anyone doesn't have an ebates account, click here to sign up for free.

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