Wednesday, April 14

ohhh Free Food on Tax Day!!

If you're like me, you did your taxes in February because you find filing taxes fun and exciting. Why wouldn't I want to get my tax rebate as soon as possible?

If you're not like me, you're filing tonight or tomorrow. My husband and I used tax act deluxe. We paid a $17 filing fee to use their program and the deluxe edition helped us ensure we weren't forgetting about any potential deductions.

Anyway regardless of when you filed or will file, you can celebrate tax day with free food tomorrow at participating locations! Here is a somewhat comprehensive list of free things.

It does not list, however, DC specific actions such as Dairy Queen handing out ice cream during lunch in front of the IRS.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I didn't know about Dairy Queen giving out the free Mini Blizzards in front of the IRS buidling in DC. Just added that to my own "Tax Day Free Food" blog post and did a link back to you and the Washington Business Journal article.
Take care,