Tuesday, June 29

The new DC Taxi system

So as you all know, several months ago DC taxis switched from a zone system to a metered system. One would think this new system is better for the consumer because you don't have to trust the driver to tell you how many zones you crossed or attempt to read a color coded map that fails to list street names.

HOWEVER, I have realized that taxi drivers will now go out of their way to take longer routes so that they can charge more on the meter. Sure this was bound to happen but taxi riders should be aware of the best path to their destination and should feel to tell the driver which way to go.

I live in Rosslyn and I've taken two taxis from Rosslyn to Union Station under the new system. Both times the driver took 110 to 395 instead of going straight down constitution. This longer, highway route ended up costing $17. The next time I did this ride and told them to take constitution it was only $12.

I realize that in rush hour constitution is really slow but when I was going it was during the early and late hours or the weekend when there was no traffic.

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