Wednesday, June 30 coupon code

As you have heard from my in the past, is a great place to buy discounted coupons to local area restaurants. They sell $25 off coupons for $10, but with discount codes you can get these for only $2. There are usually rules like you must spend $35 to use your $25 coupon but even then with 18 percent tip and tax the bill comes to $17 so you get a $42 meal for $19 (including the $2 coupon fee).

To get 80% off your order type in the coupon code SUMMER. This ends tonight!

Don't forget you can get an additional 15% off your purchase by using your ebates account (you should use your free ebates account for EVERY online purchase you make). To join ebates, click here.

When you purchase your coupons, they are valid for one year. A sad thing happened last night when we got to a Crystal City Thai restaurant- Neramitro- with a coupon we bought back in September, they had a sign up near the front door that they were no longer accepting coupons as of June 1.

I was really bummed but when I spoke with the manager they said I could have $10 off my tab. So of course we ordered one $10.95 dish. They ended up telling us not to pay anything, though we did leave a tip of course.

Anyway I'm not as angry since I only paid $2 for the coupon, but that still shouldn't happen since the coupon is really a contract once you pay for it.

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