Saturday, November 27

Last Day for FREE Items at CVS

CVS always has the best black friday deals around. That's because they have dozens of FREE items. You buy one for $3.99 and they give you a $3.99 coupon. Many of these items are limit 5 so you can keep handing in each item and buying it again using your initial bonus bucks. Plus if you have coupons you can pay $2.99 and still get $3.99 back. Don't forget to print out Colgate coupons online before you go, and to get herbal essence coupons as well.

I made 22 separate purchases at the self-check out machine and paid a total of $9.70. However I ended up with $6.99 in bonus bucks back. So I really spent under $3.00 for all of the items in the picture.

This whole ordeal took me under an hour because I planned my attack before I even left my house. Good luck to you all- you have the rest of the day to get all these items for free!

Only read this tip if you are an ADVANCED bonus buck user: Also remember to start with the lowest priced items, then their duplicates, and then work up from there. If you have a coupon you need to add another item to your purchase for the value of the coupon or else your bonus buck won't work. This is because your purchase always needs to be the same price as the bonus buck or more. The self-check out machines won't let you be in the negative (ie the item is $3 and you have a $3 bonus buck and a $1 coupon therefore the store owes you $1).


Shawn said...

I can't believe you didn't get me any plain M&Ms!

Stephanie said...

Shawn, you have your own CVS card!! You can go, too! I even printed colgate coupons for you.