Saturday, November 29

Getting Married? Read this First!

First, congratulations on your recent engagement! I got married in July 2007 and want to share my wedding registry tips with you all. The BEST place to create your wedding registry is Bed Bath and Beyond. There are so many reasons why this is the superior registry for you and your guests, including:
  • Your guests can save 20% on your gift allowing them to get you more gift for the same amount of money they wanted to spend. (Bed Bath and Beyond sends out 20% off coupons constantly but these can also be found in magazines and mass quantities can be collected in the mail room recycling bin at any apartment building the day these big blue coupons are mailed out).
  • Say you decide you registered for something you no longer want? Bed Bath and Beyond will give you CASH back for any return of an item on your wedding registry.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond will allow you to cash in Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards you receive. They will hand you the cash right there or else will right you a check

Beware of registries at places like Crate and Barrel that have rotating inventory. This means you may get 3 chairs as engagement gifts but the chairs will no longer be sold there by the time of your wedding, forcing you to purchase the remaining chairs yourself! Non-furniture items also go out of stock very quickly, forcing you to re-register multiple times before the big day!

Target and Macys have very strict return policies. If you get gifts there without receipts, prepare to get nothing back or else the lowest price the item has ever sold for at any store location across the country.

Bloomingdales is a great store but Bed Bath and Beyond carries many of the same items for MUCH CHEAPER! Plus, remember your guests can save 20% at BBB.

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