Thursday, November 27

Negotiate a Higher Salary

Women- I am mostly talking to you.
Women make less than men and part of why is that women are less likely to ask for a raise or to negotiate a salary when taking a new job. Even in the current economy if you are making very little your company can probably afford to pay you more, especially if you are a huge asset.

Here are some tips:
  • Before your annual review, make a list of all your major accomplishments this year to show what an asset you are.
  • Print out salary comparison charts to show where you fall along the range (if you are in the 30% or less range you have a stronger argument). Also see if your college has salary ranges for recent graduates (Georgetown MBA Career Service Offers this Online for Gtown Grads) (Go Hoyas!).
  • Don’t wait until December to ask!! Most companies start the budget process as early as August or September so that is when you need to mention the idea of a raise to your boss.

Good luck!!

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