Saturday, December 6

Hate Going to the Doctor?

I know many people, okay men, in their 20s who avoid going to the doctor because they hate shots and are sure they are healthy (my husband included). I go but hate it for another reason.

Almost every time I see a doctor (eye doctor, dentist, specialist, etc) the billing departments overcharge me. Sometimes they send me a bill for a co-pay I already paid. Other times they miscode a visit. It is always something.

This is incredible since I actually call my insurance company before I see any doctor to make sure it is covered to and check the amount I will have to pay.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage people not to just pay a doctor's bill they get in the mail. I'm not saying to throw it away- they will just hound you and sell it to another company that will hunt you down (via phone) and ruin your credit score. I am saying to call the billing department and talk it through.

I'm almost convinced some billing errors are made on purpose to get more money from patients since offices know people will be annoyed but will just pay them to avoid confortation.

I've saved hundreds of dollars (rightfully and successfully) through negotiating with billing departments.

Good luck, be strong, and keep going to the doctor.

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