Wednesday, December 31

New Years Resolution: Floss More

Happy New Years (almost)!

For those of us born and bred to be frugal we are accustomed to purchasing the cheapest generic version of any product.

Today's post is a product review of dental floss because this is once instance where I really think buying the cheapest floss is not the best way to go. It took me 25 years to realize this. I used to buy the most yards of floss for the best price, period. Then one day I was mailed a free sample of crest glide deep clean floss* and flossing became an entirely different experience.

It does cost more but wait for a $1 coupon coupled with a store sale and try it out. Hey- if the flossing experience is less painful you'll do it more often.

*Crest is not a sponsor of this website. Although I am willing to entertain sponsorship offers! : )

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Lisa Sferrazza said...

Fun and Frugal Stephanie,

This is a great tip and one that could save somebody tens of thousands of dollars in the future (not to mention the fact that you can't put a price on good health!).

Flossing is vital and should be a part of everyone's daily routine. Studies have shown that flossing not only improves teeth and gum health, but it also leads to a lower risk of heart disease (think about it - plaque in your teeth isn't that different from plaque in your arteries).

A small investment now (in quality floss) can have a huge return in the future (lower dental bills and overall good health).

Keep it up!