Thursday, December 18

Something Tells Me it's All Happening at the Zoo

The Washington Zoo is amazing and it's free so I find myself there several times a year. Go at different times of the day for different experiences.

Some highlights:
  • The orangutans jumping over your head on those tall beams (this happens before 11 AM I believe)
  • The naked mole rats- when active they are just about the funnist things I've ever seen
  • The anteater's baby on the anteater's back

Plus they are creating an elephant trail for a whole group of elephants to walk beneath a bridge that you stand on. The only dissapointment is Lemur Island. I swear they escaped sometime before 2001 since I've never actually seen a lemur on Lemur Island. Please comment if you have seen a lemur at the National Zoo and the year of the spotting (the gift store doesn't count).

Anyway, before you enter the zoo on a hot day, get a slurpee from 7-Eleven across the street first for $1.19 to save yourself from spending $5 on a drink inside the zoo.

If you want to spend money to support the zoo, become a member OR check out ZooLights in December ($12). Save $2 with coupons from Giant. Plus I hear there is free parking for attendees.

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