Tuesday, December 2

Save on Public Transit

Here are a few ways to save on public transit:

1) Enroll in your company’s transit program so you avoid paying taxes on commuting costs.
2) Consider a bus route instead of the metro. In Washington, DC taking the bus is $1.25 compared to $1.65 for the metro during rush hour. The bus is often a much more pleasant experience. While your commuting time may slightly increase, I know I’d rather be sitting down reading Express watching Georgetown go by than going into the depths of Metro and cramming myself onto a crowded train.
3) Find out the times your city changes from rush hour to regular prices. In Washington, DC if you wait until 9:30 AM to use the metro instead of 9:25 AM you will save $.30. Going home it’s the same- the prices go down to $1.35 at 7:00 PM when rush hour ends. They calculate the fare by the time you ENTER metro and not by the time you leave it.

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