Monday, December 15

Lower your cell phone bill

Do me a favor and call your phone company and ask how many minutes you've used in the past few months. If you are paying for a plan with more minutes than what you use, switch to a lower plan!

I'd like to speak now about Verizon, though you may be able to find equivalent deals on your own company (though if you live in DC you should have Verizon- hey it's the only company that works on Metro!).

First, if you don't need text messaging, block it to save $$.
Second, you may think that $70 is the lowest plan Verizon offers for two people. However, they have the 65+ Plan that is only $60 a month for two people. While it is true this is for senior citizens, which we are not though perhaps in spirit, they allowed us to switch to this plan for the cheaper price.
Third, your company may offer a discount through Verizon. My husband's company told him they do not participate in the Verizon discount program but at Verizon they looked up his company and it was in their database so now we save 12% on our monthly bill.
Finally, please cancel your land line phone if you have one. There is no need for this!! You are just throwing out money! Use skype if you are tired of your cell phone.


Sara said...

Hey there! I came upon this blog this morning and I'll probably be combing through the archives on my lunch break. Just wanted to second what you said about canceling your land line. I just did this and I'm going to save almost $600 this year because of it!

dylan72986 said...

Hey Stephanie, thanks for the great suggestions on how to cut cell costs, especially in this tough economy when every dollar saved really counts. I wanted to write a follow-up post that added to your discussion. Thousands of wireless subscribers are locating and eliminating unnecessary charges by having their cell bills analyzed through the website by a company that I work for called Validas. By uploading your bill, you can find out for free if you're one of the eight in ten wireless customers paying more than you need to. If you choose, Validas provides a highly detailed and personalized adjustment report that, for five bucks, is emailed to your wireless provider in industry specific format in order to implement Validas's cash saving changes to your plan. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill (the average customer currently saves $482 annually through Validas), then this obviously provides a cost effective remedy for reducing cellular expenses.

Validas is becoming known as the preeminent advocate for the wireless consumer. Check out a feature about Validas on The Big Idea with CNBC's Donny Deutsch at Validas has also been profiled in the New York Times and Business Week.

Happy holidays, and good luck to everyone reading on lowering your cell bills.