Sunday, December 14

Walgreens Rebates

I don't live near a Walgreens (there is one in Old Town and where Lulu's used to be) but I try to make it to one at least once a month for their Rebate Club. Basically there are several free items a month that you buy and then get a refund for in the form a check. Rebates used to require mailing receipts in and circling things, etc but now days you go online and type in your receipt number and you are done! Your check arrives in a matter of weeks.

Note that you can use coupons on items that have partial rebates and you will then be able to get that item for free too.

Finally, if you choose to get your money back on a Walgreens Gift Card instead of by check, they will add 10% more money than you spent.

Have fun!

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