Thursday, December 25

Really Good and Cheap Ethnic Restaurants

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

For those who don't and want some good Chinese, read on!

Really everyone should know about these two restaurants which are amazing and among the cheapest in Georgetown!

1. Harmony Cafe- This Asian restaurant is located on M Street in Georgetown. If you're walking up M Street from the district it will be on your right just past the Subway. It has a green vertical sign and is a basement restaurant. They make all their dishes for both vegetarians and meat eaters. Plus- if you get their "lunch special to go" at any hour of the day, it's only $4.95 for an entree, salad, and egg role! Who can beat that? Though I am no longer a vegetarian I still get their vegetarian General Tso. mmmmm.

2. Ammas Indian Restaurant- This Indian venue is also located on M Street in Georgetown (for those who don't already know I have my undergraduate degree from Georgetown- Go Hoyas!). Ammas is all vegetarian and is 1/3 the price of Adittis downstairs but is just as tasty. Ammas is upstairs to the right of Rhinos. The prices are so affordable I go a little crazy ordering everything there. Skip the chocolate shop downstairs for dessert- it's a different owner and the prices are ridiculous.

3. I wasn't going to mention Rhinos since I usually don't like bar food and it's not an ethnic restaurant but check out their $.10 wing night on Mondays!

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