Thursday, January 1


I was at my friend's the other day when she sat down to pay a few credit card bills. I watched in disbelief as she took out her check book and stamps!

We are in our 20s. We are internet savvy. There is no reason any of us should be paying our bills with checks and $.42 stamps- unless you are trying to keep USPS alive and well out of principle.

Credit cards all have autopay features. All of my credit credit payments are automatically deducted in full from my bank account the last day it is due. This means that I am able to collect interest on my money until the last possible second and all I need to do is make sure I remember to transfer enough funds from money market accounts (ie paypal or emigrant direct) back to my bank account in time for the autopay deduction.

To set up autopay on your credit cards, go to your credit card website and link your account to your bank. Then call the credit card company to tell them you want to pay in full via autopay each month and they may send you paperwork to sign and send back in. This can take a month but it's worth it in the long run.

Also, if you are still getting credit card statements in the mail, tell your company you only want to receive electronic statements- you'll help the environment and I received a $5 statement credit as a thank you after my first year of receiving only online statements from Citibank.

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