Wednesday, January 21

The Best Buy at the Grocery Store

Hint: What was Beethoven's favorite fruit?

You guessed it! Ba-na-na-na! (Sorry for the corniness- (corn is most affordable April through August!))

Bananas are so cheap I can hardly believe it every time I head to produce.

For $.39-$.59 cents a pound you get all that scrumptious potassium!

Plus if you let it sit out for too long, you can make banana bread.

PS Can anyone name the university with the adorable banana slug as their mascot?


Shira said...

hi steph nice blog! lots of different ideas. but on bananas, i know you have a history of fair trade activism so that should give you a sense of why bananas are so cheap. our mutual friend jordan now works for a fair trade banana company. there are also scary genetic reasons why bananas are so cheap.

Anne said...