Friday, January 9

You Paid WHAT for your Wedding Dress?!

For those who want the perfect dress for the perfect day, no matter the price, knock yourself out. For those who want a great dress without spending thousands of dollars for something you'll wear once, read on!

Three great places to find a deal on your wedding dress:

1. Filene's Basement- Filene's has a Running of the Brides event that travels the country every summer. This is a great chance to get last year's styles for a super discounted price. Bring friends and get there early.

2. Find a local consignment shop (such as I do! I do! in Maryland) that sells used dresses at super discounted prices.

3. Go to craigslist and buy a used dress straight from the seller. Maybe you'll get lucky and won't even need alterations on the used dress!

Notice I did not include 'family hierloom' on this list. No offense to our parents but really? Lace from the neck to the wrist? Keep your mom's taste in mind when deciding if you should keep your dress for your daughter to wear in 30 years from now.

After the wedding, wash the dress in your bathtub with soap, rinse it off, let it airdry, and then sell it on craiglist for what you paid for it. I used the craigslist method and earned $50 from my wedding dress (it was a good deal for the buyer as she didn't need alternations and I did!).

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