Sunday, January 4

Trash Diving!

First to clarify from the title- there is no actual diving involved here. I did engage somewhat with actual trash diving in my college days (it was worth it- I went to Georgetown-- good expensive trash) but now days it's more like trash walking. As you know, I live in an apartment complex where people throw away really nice furniture and electronics all the time. The two places I look for such items are 1) the outside trash area where people place such items in front of the trash bins and 2) in the recycling/trash rooms on each floor.

My husband and I keep some of the things we find and sell other items on craigslist. The 27 inch bedroom television we use is a 2005 Sony that we found in the trash (so we sold our 2003 bedroom television for $100), and my beautiful Ethan Allen desk is from our trash area. We've taken in, cleaned up and sold other items including carpets, bed frames, lamps, desks, etc.

The best part isn't even the money that we're making- it's that we're helping the environment and helping someone get something they need at a discounted price.

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