Saturday, January 10

Rebates: To do or not to do

I was recently asked if I thought rebates were worth the hassle.

Here is my opinion- if you have forgotten to redeem rebates more than twice in your life, I would advise against rebates. Business Week had an article back in 2005 that claimed only 60% of rebates were redeemed. That is, of course, why companies love them.

If you are organized rebates are definitely worth it. Now days some companies such as Walgreen's and Rite Aid make rebates easier to redeem by allowing you to submit a claim online using your receipt. This makes sending away for your money much easier and allows you to track your rebate check online.

When I need to snail mail a rebate form I always make copies of everything before I seal the envelope and keep the copies on my desk until I receive the check. This way I don't forget about it and can call the processing center in case my check never arrives.

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