Monday, January 26

Getting a Hair Cut?

When I first moved to Washington, DC I was flabbergasted with the cost of haircuts. An $80 cut means the tip alone is more than I used to pay for the entire haircut.

The amount Stephanie likes to pay for a haircut=$12.00.

I've dealt with this problem in several different ways since moving to Washington back in 2001.

1) Often I wait until I return home to visit my parents in the suburbs of Chicago where there are hair places that still charge $8-12 for a haircut.
2) I always clarify the price before I start the process. I've found that you may think you are paying one price for the cut and think they're "throwing in" a 5-minute blow dry or the pre-rinse but then the cost ends up being $20 more than expected. Don't be embarrassed about seeming frugal- ask the stylist if what they are doing is included in the basic "cut" price!
3) Look for online coupons for salons before getting your hair cut.
4) Consider only getting your hair cut once a year. Choose a short cropped look for the summer and then spend the rest of the year growing it out. Because you are only paying for one cut a year, you can splurge and find a place that charges $30 instead of $12.
5) Wait two years before getting a haircut and then donate your hair to Locks for Love. You need 10 inches to be able to donate your hair for wigs for children who can't grow hair. There are certain salons who will cut your hair for free if you are doing it for Locks for Love. This is really a win-win situation for everyone.
6) Are you thinking about getting your hair colored? Don't.

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Mara said...

Hey Stephanie. Love the blog. I only wish I lived in DC so I could take advantage of all of your tips. About Locks of Love: They will take any hair that is sent to them, however they will only use healthy hair (ie. little to no breaks or split ends) for their wigs. I once spent a few years growing out my hair only to find out that if I'd sent it to them they would have just thrown it away. You really need to get your hair trimmed here and there to keep the split ends away, unless you have super-sonic, awesome splint endless hair.