Friday, January 30

Skip the Soda

Ever since I was a child I was taught that when going out to eat, you drink water. Through today when I go out to dine, I still only get water (free water- not bottled water). Every venue, including places such as Cosi, give you free water upon request. At soda fountains, free water also includes seltzer water which can be found on the water tab that says "soda."

Avoiding soda not only helps your wallet but helps your heath and teeth as well.

Luckily I married a man who also believes in this philosophy!


brynne said...

one thing i like to do is carry my own bottle of water (usually a nalgene, but sometimes a regular platic bottle that i refill with brita water). the cups they give you at places like cosi, baja fresh or panera are teeny! if you're eating with someone you have to get up like 10 times during the meal to refill. i'd rather enjoy my friend/coworker's company than excuse myself so many times to refill. also, i feel good that i'm reusing something rather than just using once and throwing away.

acallidryas said...

I'd like to second the "carrying your own water" comment. I'm almost never without either a reusable water bottle or travel coffee mug so that I don't have to waste cups.

Plus, if you're a coffee addict, like me, most place will give you a (tiny)discount for using your own cup.