Wednesday, January 28

Learn to Enjoy Cooking

Cooking is a fun and creative outlet after a hard day at work. Learn to appreciate the different ways to cook the same vegetable or meat with fantastically different results. Watch Food Network and emulate Alton. When you cook at home you are able to eat healthier since you care about your health and most restaurants do not.

When making dinner, make double the amount that you need that night in order to have leftovers for work the next day. Pack the leftovers in Tupperware so they are ready to go the next day. Doing this is usually cheaper than buying pre-packaged meals such as Lean Cuisine, etc.

Have fun with it and experiment! Get a husband/wife so you have someone to cook for and you'll enjoy it even more. If you married an alpha cook, read this New York Times article to help betas deal.

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