Tuesday, January 20

Travel from DC to NY for $2 RT


Now how will you return home?

I feel like everyone knows about Chinatown buses to get from Washington to New York for $40 (roundtrip) but there is a relatively new company called BoltBus which is pretty incredible.

Basically Bolt's tickets range from $1 (yes they offer at least one $1 seat per bus) to approx $25 each way to NY from Washington. The best part of Bolt though is not that it can be cheaper than Chinatown buses but that these buses have wireless internet free of charge!

Bolt also has a reward program - travel 8 times, get a free trip.

Bolt also travels to Philly, Boston, and Cherry Hill. Check out their schedules here.

While you're at it, save your company money and take Bolt instead of Amtrak! Plus those work trips will count towards your rewards.

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